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At WBL IT Solutions, we are dedicated to quality information technology service delivery for all our clients, we build a day-to-day relationship with our customers by paying attention to every detail listed by customers and acting on them, we follow the necessary standard procedures in delivering the IT service required by our clients.

Our business combines our information technology consulting services to meet your goals.

  • Enterprise Software Development 01
  • Social Media Management 02
  • Email Marketing 03
  • SEO & SEM 04

Cost-effective and quality-focused Website & Mobile App Development and management services for websites of all types.

We support your business growth while being fully self-managed and transparent. We can take over any share of your digital transformation initiative:

  • Software development project (including business analysis, application development and evolution, quality assurance, risk management, management of application stability, etc.).
  • Entire software development project pipeline.
  • Project for digital transformation and business process optimization with continuous quality improvement and reduction of the overall cost of ownership in mind.


      Without social media, your web presence and Internet marketing methods are incomplete. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have become completely linked with generating an enormous online audience and traffic that aid in business or product promotion.

Please note that this service and fee for services covers managing and paying attention to your selected social media platforms to ensure up to date engagements. Fee does not cover sponsored posts and promotions on social media

Email Marketing

77% of customers enjoy getting emails from companies they know. By creating visually interesting emails with deals, promotions, upcoming events, news and updates, you keep your customers engaged in your business or brand and can even increase your sales.                               

  • Marketing Automation:

Why do businesses need marketing automation? And what does that even mean? Marketing automation takes the best parts from email marketing and adds a very human element by tailoring messages to the individual, so you can send the right message to the right person at the right time. We utilize cloud-based applications to increase the speed and manage communications with your customers to keep business in front of their mind.

We hope to present the Information in this document in a very comprehensive and concise manner; nevertheless, you may get in touch with us and clarify any issues that need clarification concerning this document.



Proven-effective SEO and SEM techniques. Individualized solutions. Search engine compliant strategies. Targeted results


Set up your SEM campaigns on Google Adwords, Bing Ads, YouTube and other search engines. Define campaign goals, create conversion tracking in Google Analytics, geo-target your campaigns and drive targeted traffic to your website at the lowest cost-per-click possible.


Find low-cost, high-converting keywords that your customers regularly use to find your business online. Set budgets, manage pay-per-click (PPC) keyword bids, and keyword match types to maximize your share of voice on the best performing search phrases.

Data Analytics

Transform big data into intelligence and actionable insights

At WBL IT Solutions, our data analytics services cuts across several industries: corporate organisations, government institutions, individual businesses, agriculture, health care, and more. Our data analysis platform enables companies to improve policies ,make more profit and ROI, and avoid costly errors. Our Data analytics solutions include : loud computing, mobile devices, IoT platforms, advanced human-machine interfaces, fraud detection and authentication, intelligent sensors, big data analytics, and advanced algorithms, augmented reality, and wearables.

Data Analytics Company in Abuja

Cloud Computing

WBL IT Solutions Cloud Computing Services


Cloud Computing Services provide information technology (IT) as a service over the Internet or dedicated network, with delivery on demand, and payment based on usage.
Cloud computing services range from full applications and development platforms, to servers, storage, and virtual desktops.

Among the many types of cloud computing services delivered internally or by third party service providers, the most common are:

Software as a Service (SaaS) – software runs on computers owned and managed by the SaaS provider, versus installed and managed on user computers.
The software is accessed over the public Internet and generally offered on a monthly or yearly subscription.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – compute, storage, networking, and other elements (security, tools) are provided by the IaaS provider via public Internet,
VPN, or dedicated network connection. Users own and manage operating systems, applications, and information running on the infrastructure and pay by usage.
Platform as a Service (PaaS) – All software and hardware required to build and operate cloud-based applications are provided by the PaaS provider via public Internet, VPN, or dedicated network connection. Users pay by use of the platform and control how applications are utilized throughout their life cycle.
Benefits of cloud computing services.